Random Cam Story:

My brother-in-law, soon 50, is unmarried and lives in Paris.
We don't know him or have a relationship, neither woman nor man, the true Bachelor.

4 or 5 times a year, it comes down to see us and he comes to spend 2-3 days with us and also took the opportunity to see his old friends in the region.

Every morning, I woke up early, between 3 and 4 hours and I want to go on the computer in the office on the ground floor to see movies and porn pictures on 2 or 3 sites, but especially on hamster, which is my favorite.

One day he was at home, I never not heard him go down and he caught me jerking while watching a gay video.
I was very surprised and I quickly packed up my cock and tried to change the site, but it was too late, he had seen.

"He told me:" well you mess you not, not only you matte soft porn, but increasingly you're jerking off watching guys trying to suck and fuck! do you think that my sister would love to learn it?

I tried to explain to him that actually I loved well look at porn but I was stumbled on this gay clip and that was not my thing, but he saw that there was another tab of the open internet browser and seizing the mouse clicked on it.

And there, he fell on my profile page! me in the buff, or naked with a dildo in the ass or drinking my sperm.

I tried try to take the mouse or turn off the computer, but he pushed me aside to view all my pictures and home videos.

Then he told me: you get plowed in the ass, it's amazing and you seem to love eat cum "you know it starts to wear a Boner!"
Then he pulled out his cock from his pajamas, he me put in front of the face by saying: ' hold me, saves me to jerk off and you'll enjoy bitch, it's been more than 10 days that I'm not drained me and I have the balls.

I tried to get out me, not while sucking a cock disgusts me, on the contrary, but because it was my brother-in-law.
He grabbed my head with his 2 hands and started rubbing his cock on my face and saying that if I didn't obey he would shout to wake up my wife.
Then he plugged the web cam by saying that he will immortalized this moment.

He bandaged not yet completely but his Dick was already imposing; I then pulled his foreskin to discover an enormous Acorn; his Dick smelled very strong; He did not shower the day before.
"come on, open your mouth and suck me, you'll enjoy.
at the end of his cock beaded already a drop so much he was excited. He said to me so that I could go there safely, he was healthy, and except the handjob she would sometimes go see pros but always use condoms.
I also assured him that I was healthy and if I sometimes have to suck or make me fuck, it was always with the same boyfriend for a dozen years and that this guy had the same habits than him.
I opened my mouth and licked the tip of the cock, then I engulfed it completely and do some back and forth turning my hands all around his cock.
It trickled down more and more and I loved that taste and see harden and his body tighten excited me to the point of getting a hard-on.
"go pump me, faster, I can't, it's too good, you suck like a pro, I'm going to enjoy fucking! "swallow not above all, I want you to show me what I'm going to give you."
within 2 minutes, he began to Pant and his Dick began to bouncing and I received 8 or 9 big squirts hot and thick in the mouth

Fortunately, he was not put to shout at the moment to enjoy;
He then took the cam in hand to him close to my face by saying:
"Fuck that feels good, open your mouth now and show me."
I'm looking at my picture on the screen, a mouth full of sperm;
"now swallow everything and clean up the cock after.

I ate up so all of his sperm with pleasure and resumed his cock in the mouth by the way the language across to clean; excited by all this, I jerked and I came too in my hand and all swallow.
He then stopped the cam and treating me good dog told me to not touch anything. He went in the room and went down again 30 seconds later with a USB key. He then saved the video on its key telling me that he would put it on the site or show it to my wife if I was not very kind to him.

The bastard had tricked me well because on the video, it was impossible to not recognize me!

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